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Puriaire heater

Our business carries top of the line Aprilaire humidifiers that will help purify the air quality within your home. Our humidifiers help reduce humidity, mold and cracking wood.  We recommend and install quality Aprilaire humidifiers and can work on a variety of humidifiers.


Our humidifiers: 

  • Reduce Airborne Viruses 

  • Improve Energy Efficiency 

  • Protects Your Home

  • Deliver Optimal Levels of Humidity

  • Improves overall comfort

Replace or Repair Your Humidifier

Our certified technicians stand behind all the work in your business or home. Our humidifiers offer a whole-home solution that helps you achieve total comfort.

Humidifier Installation

We offer installation for various models of Aprilaire humidifiers. Contact us to learn more about our competitive pricing and schedule your appointment today! 

How a Whole House Humidifier Works:

Living in West Michigan is a privilege we all take part in. However, we know that the weather can be challenging and unpredictable. One of those challenges is humidity levels. Balancing humidity levels during the summer months is a must. Excessive moisture in the air causes mold, mildew and unwanted things to grow.  However, the other side of the spectrum can be harmful as well. Dry air, like in the winter months,  can also cause health issues and damage your home. It is beneficial to adjust your homes humidity levels to a proper amount.  Below are a few reasons to use a whole-house humidifier. 


At Kroll Furnace we can provide installation and support of whole-house humidifiers.  Our whole-house humidifiers work with your existing heating and cooling system to add humidity into the air. Through your duct system, humidifiers distribute water vapor in the air. Prevent respiratory problems, and  reduce the risk of infections.  Viruses can't travel as well in moist air.  By adding a humidifier to your furnace you could reduce the risk of getting the flu during the winter months.   A humidifier will lessen your suffering if you do end up with a cold, flu,  or sinus infection.   By keeping nasal passages as well as your throat moist your body will heal faster, and will reduce symptoms of coughing and sneezing.  Cold, dry air steals all the moisture from your skin,  which can increase dryness,  flaking,  dullness,  and accelerated aging.    Not to mention that annoying itchy skin, eliminate symptoms such as scratchy throats, dry nose, asthma, and allergies.  Reduce those surprising shocks you sometimes get from static electricity by adding a whole house humidifier.  If you or your partner snores,  a humidifier may help.  Snoring occurs more often if our sinuses and throats are dry.  Adding a humidifier also saves your dry hardwood floors, doors, trim, and moldings from splitting and cracking, helping preserve the integrity of the wood for years to come.  


Here are five benefits of a whole home humidifier:


1.  Save Energy

2. SaveMoney

3. Live Healthier

4. Preserve Your Home

5. Increase Comfort and Lifestyle


Did you know that a  home with higher humidity levels will feel warmer, allowing you to keep your thermostat at lower temperatures, in turn, saving you money.  According to the EPA, you save nearly 4% on your heating bills for every degree you lower your thermostat. 

We make the installation process a breeze and a great addition to your home. Enjoy the benefits for you and your family and contact us today. For more information or to receive a quote for installation, give us a call at 616.669.0960



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