Add a Humidifier to Your Heating System

Get a residential humidifier installed in your home by the highly-trained and certified crew of Kroll Furnace Co Inc. Humidifiers can be added to any forced air heating system, which will eliminate the problems that come with having dry air in your home. 

Replace and Repair Your Existing Humidifier

Services are available on most makes and models of humidifiers and our crew stands behind all the work it completes for your home. Flow through humidifiers will replenish the moisture in your home's air and help protect your home's surfaces.

Aprilaire Systems Professionally Installed 

Kroll Furnace Co Inc. installs Aprilaire humidifiers in all home's that are getting a new unit installed. Our competitive rates make it an easy choice to upgrade your heating system by adding the humidifier.

Benefits of a Humidifier in Your Home:

Humidifiers help protect your home from common problems that many encounter. A few benefits of a humidifier include:
  • Humidity will reduce or eliminate static in your home
  • Keep wood from cracking
  • No mold or mildew
Financing Options
Call today for a FREE estimate on a new humidifier for your home:
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